Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for Easy Cooking

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Being in the kitchen is not easy for everyone, some people are naturals, some, like me, love to explore new techniques and learn even if it takes many tries, some are barely hanging on by a thread and others, just simply avoid it at all cost!

I’ve always loved to learn in the kitchen. Growing up my dad would experiment with new cooking ideas all the time, whether it was recipes or techniques; my brother is a chef, my mom taught me how to bake, and my sister and I used to play “restaurant” after school. Over the last few years, since getting married and moving out, I have learned what essentials I NEED to have in my kitchen in order to be successful and creative. Everyone’s techniques are different, but besides a simple knife, spatula and whisk, these are some of my essentials for easy cooking!

1. High Speed Blender

Like the Vitamix, Ninja or others; a high speed blender has many other functions than just making a smoothie. I use my Vitamix to make soups, pesto, sauces, dips, smoothies, ice cream, powders, and more! The possibilities really are endless! In our house, the Vitamix has its own designated space on the counter because we use it everyday!

2. Air Fryer

Ahh the new obsession, an air fryer. I have only recently jumped on this bandwagon and I am not disappointed! I’ve been using this Gourmia air fryer for a few months now and I love it more and more each time! The air fryer is a quick and simple way to whip up a meal or side dish without much prep-work. I love to roast vegetables, but sometimes the air fryer is a much quicker solution when I’m short on time, and the flavor and texture of the food is so much better than roasting in the oven, not to mention the clean up is quick and simple!

3. Electric Mixer

In my dreams I will one day have a stand mixer like this KitchenAid, but for now I’m rocking this simple handheld electric mixer; and really I have no complaints. I bake at least once a week and the electric mixer has really lived its life in my kitchen. The success rate of having non-chunky batter is 100% versus whisking by hand. Most of the time I use my mixer for baking cookies or cakes, but it is also very handy for whipping up some coconut cream, butter, frostings, and any type of whip!

4. Large Sauté Pan

A large sauté pan like this one, seems pretty standard in most kitchens, but you guys, it really is essential! I love to have a large and deep sauté pan within arms reach every time I’m cooking! Most of the time, I’m making larger meals for family or friends, or even just to have a good amount of leftovers to get through the week. I mostly cook in my sauté pan because it is easy and I don’t have to worry about switching pans halfway through because I under-estimated my portions. Whenever I make any type of pasta dish, I always combine the noodles and sauce in the large pan, it’s much easier for serving and evenly mixing!

5. Electric Kettle

Honestly, if there’s one thing I use most in my kitchen, it is by far this electric kettle by Bodum! Most people think of an electric kettle just to make tea or coffee, and we do use it for both of those every day. But I also use it to boil water for my vegetable bouillon, I use it to quickly boil vegetables, soak cashews quickly, and pre-boil water for any of my cooking honestly. It’s a handy gadget that I love to have in my kitchen, it just makes things a lot quicker and with a toddler running around, it makes my life a lot easier. 

Naturally, there are many other important items in the kitchen; but in my opinion, these are 5 essentials for making almost any type of cooking easy and quick! I have used an instant a couple of times, however I do not own one, so I can’t say it’s a staple in my home just yet! Let me know in the comments below what your top kitchen essentials are for easy cooking!

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